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About Ichi
Ichi are a commercial creative house of contemporary fashion.
Founded in 1999, they have developed the knowledge and organization to deliver high quality but affordable fashion to our fans throughout the world.
Their collections are creative, brave and feminine and their handmade print designs deliver the personal touch that make their products unique.
Ichi operate in more than 20 countries and are represented in more than 1.500 shops around the world.

The collections


Ichi SO18 Catalogue

Back to nature is the key theme of this collection. In an increasingly digital world, we spend more time at our desk than anywhere else, we discover a growing desire to connect with nature. It’s time to bring the outside in, and the direction is driven by a strong need to experience nature first-hand.

To see the world. Driving us towards a simpler kind of living with focus on the environment.
Colours like muted clay and faded yellowish tones, combined with caramel brown, represent the complete Autumn feeling. There is an optimistic feel to the colours, even though they are a darker palette.

Bohemian flowery prints, painted by hand, gives the collection a special vintage vibe. With the mix of corduroy there is a strong tendency towards the 70’s. A chunky knit with ruffles, a layered skirt or a pair of culottes, signature printed dress and a pair of snake half boots are all you need for Autumn opening 2018.

Ichi AO18 Catalogue

“Enjoy the voyage, love from ICHI”