About GoodNews

We are a British contemporary footwear brand with an organic approach. Clean styling and the use of bold colour plays a big inspiration in our designs. Baseball

pin-stripes on cotton canvas, plush thick 70s corduroy and technical fly-knit
patterns are at the forefront of AW17; creating fresh and iconic unisex styles.

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From ethical product monitoring and closely managing the supply chain, to
collaborations with charities and partners who share our values.

We are very proud to be part of Good Luck Shoes; a collective of shoe designers,
photographers and graphic designers in London and Milan.

We know that many of us feel compassion for the migrant and refugee population arriving into Europe, and think that you, like us, might want to make a tangible and utterly practical contribution to someone’s life. Good Luck Shoes was created to donate shoes to people who now have no shoes to wear.

“When you’re small, you gotta fix what you can!”